Ubuntu 23.10 on AWS: Secure Ubuntu AMI from Ubuntu Cloud Image

Ubuntu 23.10 on AWS: Secure Ubuntu AMI from Ubuntu Cloud Image

Canonical's team has released their new officially Ubuntu 23.10 (Muntic Minotour) Daily Build. However, one of the biggest problems is that you cannot run this operating system on the cloud. You can run this configuration on a computer as a virtual machine. Don't worry if you are using the CIWS (Amaron Web Service), then you can easily create an Ubuntu 23.10 on AWS.

Ubuntu 23.10 on AWS

Amazon Web Service is a cloud server provider where you can make Windows server and Linux server to host your website and application access server. On aws, you can get a premium macOS operating system. Now, let's discuss how to make an Ubuntu 23.10 cloud server on (Amazon Web Service). To create an instance, we can go to the ubuntre Cloud Image Platform and choose the Ubuntu 23.10 and access it from AWS.

From the given site, you can see the current cloud server provider, region, operating Ubuntu versions data, and AMI details. From this page, you can see the latest Ubuntu 23.10 and Mantic version options. From the table, you can select the region and, regarding the region, select AMI and click on the AMI option to redirect to the Ubuntu EC2 page. If you don't have an AWS account, then you can create an AWS account. If you are done, then follow my next step.

Name your Ubuntu server
Choose the RAM of your EC2 instance
Create the private key for connecting to the server
Create the security group or select an existing security group according to your firewall requirements
Select your required storage for storing your data (minimum of 30GB)

After following these steps, your server will take about 5 minutes to boot on the instance. If you are done, then go to the downloaded private key path on Linux or Windows computer. If you are using Linux, then open terminal as a private key located path and use Windows to open Command Prompt at this location. After completing this step, put the following command to connect to the Ubuntu SSH server.

ssh -i PRIVATE_KEY.pem ubuntu@EC2-IP-ADDRESS

From the PRIVATE_KEY.pem, you can input the name of the private key and EC2-IP-ADDRESS, you can input your Ubuntu Server IPV4 address. Press Enter key to connect to the Ubuntu 23.10 on AWS server.

Ubuntu 23.10 Version Check in aws Instance

From this image, you can see my current Ubuntu server details. This instance is available with Latest Ubuntu 23.10 and Intel Xeon Processor.