Kali Linux vs Ubuntu: Which one is best Linux Distribution?

Kali Linux  vs Ubuntu:  Which one  is best Linux Distribution?

If you are starting your career as a web developer or in information technology, then as a beginner, one of the tasks to keep in mind is "Which operating system is best for me?" At this time, Microsoft Windows does not provide advanced level services like hosting a localhost website or making web applications on the local computer. In that case, Linux is the best option to consider. However, there are many Linux operating systems available. In this article, we will compare two of the most famous ones: Kali Linux and Ubuntu, to help you choose for your career.

Kali Linux vs Ubuntu

Now, let's compare both Linux operating systems based on user experience, version, user base, and more information.

Kali Linux was designed by the Offensive Security team on March 13, 2013. It is a Debian-based operating system and comes with the Xfce desktop environment. The main purpose of this operating system is to provide security, ethical hacking, and cyber security tools. It includes all the necessary networking and monitoring tools. The default username for Kali Linux is "Kali" and the password is "Kali".

Ubuntu operating system is developed by Canonical Team Debian on October 20, 2004. Ubuntu is a group-based operating system. In the base system, you can use Debian packages to run any software. The main purpose of Ubuntu is to provide the best desktop experience and performance to the users. It comes with the GNOME desktop interface. The default username is "Root" and no password is required.

Operating System Version

Kali Linux is available with the latest version, Kali Linux 2023.3. This version is available in both normal and purple editions. It includes the latest Linux kernel version 6.5 and the latest Xfce desktop environment.

Ubuntu operating system is available with the latest Ubuntu 23.10 version. This is the latest Ubuntu version released on October 14, 2023. It includes the latest Linux kernel 6.5 and the latest GNOME 45 version for the best user experience.

Kali Linux comes with the Xfce desktop environment as the default. It also supports other desktop environments like KDE Plasma, Lxgts, and more through tasksel. However, Xfce provides the best desktop user experience for Kali Linux.

Ubuntu is available with the default Hunty GNOME desktop. Ubuntu is officially available through other desktop environments (Ubuntu flavors) like Kubuntu, Lubuntu, and more.

User Experience

Kali Linux is not built for new Linux users. It is mainly designed for cyber security and ethical hacking purposes. Normal Linux users may find it difficult to understand the tools and functionalities of Kali Linux. It is not perfect for hosting websites or web applications. In short, Kali Linux is not meant for entertainment purposes. It is a serious Linux distribution.

Ubuntu operating system is an all-in-one Linux distribution. It provides a user-friendly experience for Linux beginners. You can use Ubuntu for personal use, entertainment, business, and hosting personal blogs. It offers a graphical performance with GPU and allows you to play high graphics games without any lag issues.


For installing Kali Linux, normal or fresher users may get stuck at the disk partition creation stage. The installation process can be difficult.

Ubuntu installation is much easier. It is similar to Windows installation but with a better experience. Ubuntu installation is simple without any hard steps, and Canonical Team has provided useful information on each configuration page. If you are using Ubuntu for hosting web applications or homelab, you can use Ubuntu Core Server with simple steps.


In conclusion, if I go back to the time when I first used a computer, I started with Ubuntu operating system at school. Ubuntu provides the best graphical performance with GPU and allows you to play high graphics games without any lag problems. That's why I prefer Ubuntu. Around 60% of developers use Ubuntu for coding, and most websites are hosted on Ubuntu servers. On the other hand, Kali Linux is mainly used by professionals in the field of cyber security and ethical hacking.