Ubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) : Officially Available for Download

Ubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) : Officially Available for Download
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Ubuntu 23.10, the operating system's official release, is now available for download and access. Finally, Canonical's team has moved this Ubuntu version from beta to an official release successfully. I am very happy about these changes. The Ubuntu team has given the name "Mantic Minotaur" to this version, which was released on October 12, 2023. This update is similar to the transition from Ubuntu 22.04 to Ubuntu 22.10. Now we can find more information about what is new in this update.

What's New in Ubuntu 23.10?

In this operating system, you can get the latest Linux kernel version 6.5.0-9 generic. It is the most recent Linux kernel version at this time. In the default GNOME desktop, you can find GNOME 45.0, the latest version. I like this version. Ubuntu has implemented changes in desktop performance and appearance. Additionally, there are brand new Mantic Minotaur-themed dark and light mode wallpapers. The default wallpaper is also very beautiful, featuring Ubuntu colors and a dark mode with a black wallpaper. Ubuntu has made changes to the activities option, where Canonical's team has removed the "Activities" text from the top left side and replaced it with a beautiful icon.

Download Ubuntu 23.10

The official ISO image of Ubuntu 23.10 Mantic Minotaur is available for desktop use. You can download the daily build of this Ubuntu version by clicking the button below.

This Ubuntu version is supported on AMD64, ARMV8/AArch64, and Lenovo X13s Gen 1 server. To install Ubuntu 23.10, you need a minimum of 1GB RAM and 25GB of free storage. Now you can download the Ubuntu 23.10 ISO file and install it on your PC or virtual machine.