Kubuntu 23.10: The New Released Ubuntu Flavour

Kubuntu 23.10: The New Released Ubuntu Flavour

Canonical Team Recently Released Ubuntu 23.10 Operating System officially on 12th October 2023. This is the latest and greatest Ubuntu Distro. This Ubuntu flavour, Kubuntu 23.10, was launched by the parent Ubuntu team. Before setting up, we can get some information about what is new in this system.

Kubuntu is a version of the Ubuntu Operating System that features the KDE Plasma desktop environment. Kubuntu 23.10 comes with KDE Plasma version 5.27.8. It also utilizes KDE Frameworks version 5.110.0 and Qt version 5.15.20. Additionally, Kubuntu 23.10 supports Linux Kernel 6.5. Kubuntu is designed to provide the best performance and user experience. To begin, let's proceed with downloading Kubuntu.

Download Kubuntu 23.10

To download the official ISO of Kubuntu 23.10, click on the provided link. Once downloaded, use the Kubuntu ISO to install Kubuntu Desktop by clicking on the provided button. You can download Kubuntu to use it as a virtual machine or as a personal computer.

Now, let's begin the installation of Kubuntu 23.10 Desktop alongside Ubuntu Desktop.

Install Kubuntu 23.10 Desktop on Ubuntu 23.10

If you are currently using Ubuntu 23.10 Desktop, you can install Kubuntu 23.10 as a second display. This will provide separate folders and date. To do this, we can install the Tasksel tool for the desktop environment. Before installing this tool, let's update and upgrade all Ubuntu packages.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
update and upgrade all ubuntu packages

After updating and upgrading all packages, run the following command to start the Tasksel installation process.

sudo apt install tasksel -y
tasksel install

After executing this command, Tasksel will be successfully installed. Run Tasksel with the following command:

sudo tasksel
Install Kubuntu 23.10 with tasksel

After running Tasksel, select the "KDE Plasma" option by pressing the Space key to mark it with "*". Press Enter to initiate the installation process for 'KDE Plasma'. The duration of this process may vary, typically taking around 15 minutes depending on your internet connection speed. Once this step is completed, restart your Ubuntu system.

Kubuntu 23.10 Desktop Preview

On the Ubuntu Desktop Lockscreen, click on the Settings icon located at the bottom right corner. Choose the KDE Plasma option and log in to the Kubuntu 23.10 Desktop.

Kubuntu 23.10 is successfully installed on your system. Now you can use both Ubuntu 23.10 and Kubuntu 23.10 on a single desktop.