Install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu: Bring Up the Gamming and Graphics Experience

Install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu: Bring Up the Gamming and Graphics Experience

If you are currently using the Ubuntu operating system as a developer and you need to run heavy graphics projects or play heavy games like cyberpunk and GTA V at Break time for refresh your mind, you can follow my steps carefully to install Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu 23.10 desktop.

To install this, you need to follow the given requirements on your hardware. You need to have an Nvidia RTX driver inserted for the best performance or the latest generation Intel processor and a minimum of 16GB RAM on your hardware. After inserting all the setup, you can open the Ubuntu 23.10 desktop.

On this desktop, the GPU is successfully inserted, but you cannot perform high graphics tasks because we need to install graphics drivers for Nvidia. Now, follow my next step to download and install Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu.

Install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu

To do this step, first, you need to understand your current GPU version, like Nvidia GeForce Now RTX 700 and more. Before starting the installation, we need to check the video card of the Ubuntu system. Put the following command to show video card details:

sudo lshw -c video
Check Video Card in Ubuntu Operating System

From the Given Image You Can Show My Ubuntu System is Successfully Detected the Graphics Card But Required Driver Software is Not Detected. In this case We need to Install Drivers. Install the required driver software: To install the driver, first, you can open the "Additional Drivers" software on the Ubuntu desktop. From the given software, you can see the list of all available drivers for your Nvidia graphics card. Select the latest driver and click on the "Apply Changes" option.

Select The Latest Nvidia Drivers from the Softwares and Updates in Ubuntu

Wait for some time for the installation to complete. After completing this step, click on the restart button to restart your Ubuntu system.

Nvidia Drivers Control Panel in Ubuntu

After completing this step, your Ubuntu system has successfully installed the Nvidia graphics card. From the image, you can see the Nvidia Control Panel on your desktop. Thanks.

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