Fedora vs Ubuntu: Which one is Best Linux Distribution?

Fedora vs Ubuntu: Which one is Best Linux Distribution?

When someone talks about the best Linux distribution for daily usage, in this case, Ubuntu and Fedora are always at the top. Both Linux distributions are legends in the Linux community. You can use both Linux distributions for office, home, and business purposes. Now, let's start the Fedora V5 vs Ubuntu full comparison tutorial.

Fedora vs Ubuntu

In this tutorial, we will discuss the Operating System version, minimum requirements, software packages, software manager, performance, and installation without wasting your time. Now, let's start the full tutorial.

OS Version

Ubuntu is available with the latest Ubuntu 23.04 at this time. Ubuntu's latest version is available with Linux 6.4 Kernel version and GNOME 44 desktop environment. It provides the best user experience with the GNOME desktop. You can customize your Ubuntu theme with GNOME tweaks and GTK. This Linux version has two different disk images available: Ubuntu Desktop for normal users and Ubuntu Core for hosting your own website or homelab.

Fedora operating system is available with the latest kernel back and GNOME 44 desktop environment. This operating system provides two types of user cases: Fedora Workstation for desktop environment and Fedora Server for homelab and hosting a personal website. At this time, Fedora is available with the latest Fedora Workspace 38 disk image.

Software Management

Ubuntu operating system is available with the apt package manager. If you are familiar with Debian-based Linux distributions, then you will be comfortable with Ubuntu. You can install any software using the Snap Store. In addition, you can install any Snap Store software using the terminal.

Fedora is available with the Software Manager. From the Software Manager, you can install many open-source software for free. Fedora Linux supports the DNF package manager for installing and running any program.


For Ubuntu operating system, if you encounter any errors, you can post your questions on the Ask Ubuntu platform to find solutions to your problems. If you are using the Ubuntu Pro version, you can find solutions from the settings, and the Ubuntu team will quickly help you find a solution. In a short time, your problem will be solved.

Fedora operating system provides support cases on Fedora Discussion. Here, users can get a high response and valuable solutions on this platform. You can start creating cases without any paid membership on Fedora.

Desktop Envourments

Ubuntu operating system is available with multiple desktop flavors like Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, etc. You can try all the appearances on your Ubuntu computer. All the flavors' ISO files are available on Ubuntu's official site. In Fedora operating system, you can additionally install multiple desktop environments using Tasksel. Tasksel is the most popular open-source tool for installing desktop environments in Linux. You can try this on your system.


Both operating systems have an easy installation process, similar to Windows operating system. Both are available with two types of installations: server for web applications and homelab, and desktop version (GUI) for office and personal computers. If you are using both operating systems, you need a minimum of 4GB RAM and 30GB of free storage. For server use, you need 1GB memory and 10GB storage, which is enough.


I personally use both on my homelab. You can try either one as both are the same. The only small difference is in package management and appearance (desktop environment).