Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster : Useful Features

Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster : Useful Features

Ubuntu released their Ubuntu 23.04 Beta for testing for developers. Try this Ubuntu version for testing and inform the Ubuntu community team to show this error and fix this error until final release.

Ubuntu Lunar Lobster is available with their new features and Gnome 44 desktop enrolments. This Ubuntu official release version is available on 20th April 2023. Now we can check what is new included on a given Ubuntu version from the beta disk image file.

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Ubuntu Lunar Lobster features and bugs

Now get more information about the Ubuntu version, some features and bugs details given. All the information are so useful then read the all carefully.

Ubuntu 23.04 Features

Here, I can mention the useful Ubuntu Lunar Lobster’s Features Information below. Check this before using it.

New Installer

Ubuntu 23.04 is upcoming with a new installer UI interface. This really looks cool and shows the premium interface. When you can action on the installer then you can show the Flutter and Subiquity effects and sounds felt on the system. It provides a pro user experience.

Gnome 44 desktop

Ubuntu Lunar Lobster is upcoming with Latest Gnome 44 desktop enrolments. It is the biggest improvement of the Ubuntu desktop. Gname 44 is available with GTK-4 Version. You can get too many tools on the desktop taskbar. You can get the best Shortcut features on desktop. gnome includes Accessibility on the gnome desktop.

Ubuntu updated packages

Ubuntu lunar lobster edition is available with the latest kernel version 6.1 series. Maybe it is upgrading this version to kernel 6.2 in the upcoming time. 

In this version we can get the Ruby version 3.0.2p107 to Ruby 3.1.2p20. It is the biggest upgrade for all ruby users on Ubuntu desktop.

 This Ubuntu version supports Apache v.2.4.55. It is a small update on apache server because the previous ubuntu distro supports apache apache v.2.4.52 as a default. Ubuntu desktop is available with latest snap version 2.58.3. It is a stable version of snap. Then we cannot get any update on the given Ubuntu version compared with the previous version.

Ubuntu Wallpapers

Ubuntu is also working on their wallpapers as a new release. Ubuntu also removed the previous wallpapers on the new release. This Ubuntu desktop is available with 11 new wallpapers. All the wallpapers give the premium look on the Ubuntu desktop. Some wallpapers are available with light and dark interfaces. This feature is similar to the Mac operating system.

Ubuntu 23.04 bugs

This Ubuntu version shows the errors on some CPU architectures. It is not supported on some hardwares. I can try this on my xeon processor then I can get the booting error on my system. But it works on this system as a disk image or live cd drive. It has a slow booting process on the hardware compared with previous Ubuntu versions.

This Ubuntu version is not Released officially by Ubuntu. This is available on Ubuntu site as a beta version for testing then you can not use the iso as a hardware. Use this Ubuntu as a Virtual Machine until final release.

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