Kali new release : kali 2023.1 (Kali Linux Purple)

Kali new release : kali 2023.1 (Kali Linux Purple)

Hello friends, welcome to the inet70 blog. Today I can give you some information about the new release version Kali 2023.1 (kali linux purple) in this post. We can get some basic changes and new features details on this short post.

Kali Linux team released the new Kali Linux 2023.1 officially iso file on their 10th anniversary. This kali version is available with a brand new purple theme then this kali desktop is known as a kali linux purple. We can get the dark and light themes on kali linux with the new purple edition. It really looks like a premium version. It is the best and userness with this kali edition. I can recommend you if you can use the kali linux on your daily services then you can upgrade your current kali version to kali linux purple edition. It’s officially and surprisingly announced from the kali. You can install the kali linux in your system as a virtual machine or upgrade your kali linux to a new version by the following button.

Kali Linux completed 10 years successfully from their Linux career and they all kali users a big surprise on their special day. Now we can check what is special about this kali version.

Kali 2023.1 is now available with the latest python version 3.11. This kali desktop kernel version is 6.1.0 series. It added the light and dark purple theme with a brand new purple edition. Provide the two desktop enrolment changes on the desktop version. Kali Linux default desktop version xfce is available with latest xfce 4.18 and KDE Plasma is available with the plasma 5.27. New python upgrade is Python 2 series to Python 3.11 available on kali 2023.1. This kali version is available with Boot version 1.0, Login/Lock version kali 2.0 and wallpaper 1.1. This kali version all the themes, wallpapers and updates provide the best user experience. Kali Linux includes the 4 more premium wallpapers in this latest kali version.

All the cyber security users make the memes and reels with this pro desktop version😂😂.