Google Bard July Update: What's New πŸš€

Google Bard July Update: What's New πŸš€

Google Bard has recently been updated to the Google Bard 2023.07.13 with new, It is Known as Google Bard July Update. extra useful tools and features for the best-ever experience. Without wasting your time, let’s start collecting information about the new, best Google Bard’s latest version.

In this update, Google Bard includes some language regions, Google Lens features, read responses out loud, pinned and threaded conversations sharing, modify Bard responses, and export Python code to Replit. Now, we can discuss all these updates perfectly.

Regions and Languages πŸ—ΊοΈ

After this update, Google Bard is available in over 40 new languages, including Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, German, and more. Bard is now available in 27 new countries, including the European Union (EU) and Brazil.

Maybe after this update, Google BARD will beat ChatGPT because language support is the biggest minority in the internet world.

Google Lens in Base Google Bard July πŸ“·

Now, you can get any question and every solution from images. It’s the best feature for students. Just go to Google Bard, click on the plus icon, and add your required image. After uploading the image, you can put your query about it and find your solution.

Google Lens in Google Bard

Bring Your ideas from the images and make the Creative Mindset. It is the best way to generate your own ideas and solutions by using images. Just go to Google Drive and click on the plus icon to add your required image. After uploading the image, you can put your query about it and find your solution.

Read Responses Out Loud πŸ—£οΈ

This is a “Text to Speech” feature of Google Bard. It reads the whole script and gives you the output answer as speech.

This feature is used for listening to the response from Conversations in Google Bard. Read the script and provide an output answer using speech.

Pinned and Recent Threads πŸ”–

This feature is used for pinning your previous conversation and saving it for later use. It is the best feature for saving quick queries and threads. It is shown in the saved or pinned list. You can modify previous conversations using this feature.

Share Bard Conversations with Others πŸ“€

By using this tool, you can share the Google Bard’s conversations to other people who are finding the solutions about these questions and save their time. Just click on the share and export option.

Share Conversatiins in Bard

Finding the Solutions about These Questions and Saving Time. To use this feature, one can scroll down to the last line of the conversation. At the end, you can see the Share and Export options. Click on them to show Share to, Export as Docs, and Draft in Email. Wow, this is the best feature!

Modify Bard’s Response πŸ”„

You can customize your response according to your demand. It’s used for understanding any conversation with extra options like make response shorter, longer, simple, more casual, and professional.

Modify Bard's Response

To use this feature, you can show the “Modify Response” option in the last conversation response.

Export Python Code to Replit 🐍

Generate any software, tool, or API’s Python code and share this code means use this code in Replit Code tool directly without copy and paste and use it. You can share your code from anywhere.

Export Python Code to Replit in Bard

To ensure the code file is secure, go to Bard’s Conversations List and click on the Share button to show the Export to Colab and Export to Replit options. You can share your code from anywhere.

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