Damn Small Linux 2024: It's back after 12 years with Lightweight

Damn Small Linux 2024: It's back after 12 years with Lightweight
Damn Small Linux

Damn Small Linux Team has Recently Released their DSL2024 Linux Distribution. It is a lightweight Linux Distro: It's working fast and offers real-time performance. This Operating System is supported on X86 CPU and i386 CPU Model. It is even lighter than Raspberry Pi Operating System. I tried this system on my Proxmox server. It's working super fast with 2GiB of memory. If you have older computer hardware, this lightest Linux Distro can easily be installed.

DSL 2024 is available with a Debian base system. It is supported with the latest Debian 12 (Bookworm) Edition and supports the latest Kernel 5.x by default. The terminal structure uses the urxvt interface. It looks great. For installing Damn Small Linux 2024, it provides a custom installer.

Download Damn Small Linux 2024

This Linux Distribution's official disk image file is available on their site. It's the lightest Linux Operating System for stable use. The disk image file is available and is under 700MB in size.

Installing Damn Small Linux 2024 on a server with 1GB RAM can take about 2 minutes for a complete install. In this Operating System, you can notice the most beautiful and useful feature - using Linux without installing it. But during testing, I noticed one problem: when trying to run Terminal for install or run any program, it asks for a password. Without installing it, it's not possible. But overall, it's good to use.

Other Softwares for DSL 2024

In Damn Small Linux 2024, the most useful software with lightweight speed is included. The desktop includes widgets like CPU Loads, Time, Internet Speed Meter, Display Time, Running Processes, RAM Usage, Display Resolution, and more. In this system, when you lock the screen, it automatically switches to a black and white theme. It lightly maintains the computer graphics load. It supports the GPU Accelerator for managing graphics load. Now, let's check the more available software information.

There are three browsers available. First is Badwolf. It's light, secure, and fully HTML5 compatible. Second is Dillo, a super light GUI browser, and third is Link52, a text and lightweight GUI browser. For office work, Abiword Text editor, Gnumeric Spreadsheets Maker, Sylpheed as an Email Client, and Zathura PDF Editor are available. For multimedia, MPV video and Audio Player and XMMS for a lightweight Audio Player are available. MTPaint for graphics editing, gFTP for FTP, SFTP, and SCP Client are also available.

Much more software is available like Ranger File Manager, VisiData CSV and Spreadsheet tool, FZF Fuzzy Finder, Tmux terminal Multiplexer, Mutt Email Client, Cmus Music Player, CDW CD Burner, Weather App, five games for entertainment, Nano and Vim are available for editing over Terminal.


After carefully reviewing this system on my Proxmox Server, in my opinion, it's not just an operating system. It feels like a software for managing projects. It's unbelievable that all the programs and tools are stored on this mini 700 MB disk image file. It's really helpful. If you are interested, try it on your system for managing all software with the fastest experience.