CentOS vs Ubuntu: which one is perfect?

CentOS vs Ubuntu: which one is perfect?

Are you looking for the perfect Linux Distro to host your website or use on your personal computer? Now we can compare CentOS vs Ubuntu in different types of conditions and help you judge the best Linux Distro for your use cases.

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Before starting this CentOS vs Ubuntu comparison, let’s get some basic information about both Linux Distros: Centos and Ubuntu.

What is CentOS?

Centos is a Community Enterprise Operating System. This Operating System was defined in 2004. It is the best valuable system based on Red Hat Enterprise Trusted Operating System.

This Operating System is used for GUI and as a server. You can run the Homelab on this Operating System without any long process. Mostly cloud service providers companies use the CentOS operating System to client web server or other services. Cent05 is a free open-source Linux operating System. If you want to try to host your site for testing, then use CentOS as a localhost.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux Distro at this time. Mostly users use the Ubuntu Desktop for the best user experience. Ubuntu Operating System was defined in 2004. Ubuntu is a Debian-based Operating System.


Ubuntu is famous for their multiple desktop flavors. Ubuntu operating System is available with default Gnome Desktop enrollment. Ubuntu Operating System is available with Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server environments. You can try both from Ubuntu’s official site. I currently suggest using Ubuntu Operating System for home and personal use. You can try the Ubuntu server for Homelab and tests.

CentOS vs Ubuntu

Now we can start Centos vs Ubuntu comparison and judge the Best Linux Distro. Now we can compare Centos and Ubuntu operating System in different types of conditions and cases. Read this section perfectly to understand which one is best for you.


Centos installation process is lengthy. You need to configure the file system disk Partition and network configuration manually. This process takes some time to complete the perfect installation. You need some advance level of knowledge to configure the Centos operating System.

 Ubuntu Operating System’s installation process is too easy compared to Centos. If you can access Ubuntu Desktop, then the installation process is simple and easy. Ubuntu Desktop requires some basic information only like username, password, country, and network at the installation time. Then I suggest you use Ubuntu Desktop if you are a normal user.

Package Management

Centos is Red Hat Enterprise-based Operating System, then you can also show RPM Packages. It is the best package for Linux Operating System. You can manage any tool and install Tool or Software Through sudo rpm Packages.Ubuntu is Debian-based operating System, then Ubuntu is available with apt Packages. It is the most stable package service. For install any tool or software, you can also use sudo apt Package the Update and Release.

Update and Release Module

CentOS is available with this latest CentOS 8 version. Centos provides time-to-time updated security updates on their operating System. It’s the best free open-source operating System. CentOS provides the rolling release update modules.

Ubuntu is available with Ubuntu 23.04 current operating System. In the new version upgrade module, Ubuntu is much better than CentOS. Ubuntu also tries to make the new UI and security updates. It is too fast in bug fixes module.


Centos provides 10-year support lifecycle with security updates. If you get any type of error and bugs, then you can contact RHEL Support Platform because Centos does not have any type of error. Then visit the RHEL Support Platform.

Ubuntu provides 5-year support lifecycle with security updates module in every new released version. If you get any type of errors, then visit Ask Ubuntu Platform to get your solution. Ubuntu Pro Plan is available for users to get the solution directly from Ubuntu’s team in a short time. The Ubuntu Pro version is active with a license key.

Compare Centos vs Ubuntu

This is the final result of CentOS vs Ubuntu. I can give you some points to judge the perfect Linux Distro.

If you use the Linux for personal use or use for the home, then Ubuntu is best because Ubuntu also provides the best editing tools, video players, and other services as default. Ubuntu provides the best ever desktop experiences. Then I highly recommend Ubuntu Desktop as a personal computer.

If you select the Linux Distro for your Homelab or Web Server, then Cent05 is best. Centos provides long-time (10 years) security updates in every version. Then you can host your static website about 10 years on the current version of CentOS without updating to the latest Cent05 version to save your site from crashing.


Why do cloud server providers also use Centos and Ubuntu?

Mostly Cloud Server Providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web services, and Google Cloud, etc. also use Centos and Ubuntu Operating System because both operating systems are available with lightweight optimized and long-term supported plans.

What is the base system of Centos and Ubuntu?

CentOS is based on the RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) Operating System, and Ubuntu is based on Debian Operating System.